Granger Whitelaw

Venture capitalist Granger Whitelaw invests in and helps manage technology firms operating in a range of different industries. A talented businessman with an intuition for successful companies, Whitelaw possesses more than two decades of experience in corporate development, marketing, sales, and finance and operations. To date, he has raised upwards of $400 million in capital for early- and mid-state firms. A veteran of the United States Army, Granger Whitelaw served as part of the United Nations Command Honor Guard in South Korea before returning stateside to attend the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota in 1985.

At the highly ranked business college, Whitelaw developed a solid foundation in management and corporate growth, attributes that he continued to develop throughout his life. One of Granger Whitelaw’s very first ventures included Angers – Whitelaw & Co., a fine art firm based in Manhattan. He followed this up with the founding of his IndyCar racing sponsorship and marketing company, called Whitelaw Racing, Inc. This company provided financial support and finding advertising and sponsorship opportunities for some of IndyCar’s most talented racers, such as Eddie Cheever and Robby Unser.

Granger Whitelaw launched or helped managed other successful businesses in the real estate and technology industries, including and CoreCommerce. In 2001, Granger Whitelaw helped establish a revolutionary new racing concept while simultaneously starting up the venture capital and private equity firm BlueCar Partners, for which he served as the Managing Director of until 2007. The racing concept grew into Rocket Racing, Inc. and the Rocket Racing League, a race promotion and entertainment firm engaged in developing an aircraft race featuring rocket-powered vehicles.

Granger Whitelaw currently operates as the President and CEO of Rocket Racing, Inc. Planning to hold its inaugural season in 2011, the Rocket Racing League will pit liquid-oxygen and ethanol or kerosene powered aircrafts against one another on racecourses located up to two miles off the ground. Granger Whitelaw continues to invest in startups and he currently serves as an advisor to tech firm Social Media 1234.