Granny's Pearls

Joan Garcia, Ph.D. Psychology


worked primarily with families and school aged children throughout her career. In her retirement years she has channeled her energy into writing songs and stories from the heart, music for children ages 2 to 102. Affectionately known as Granny or The Frog Lady to many, she has drawn upon the richness of her experience to create a bubbling fountain of little silly songs that allow the child in all of us to take joy in the simple things in life. She tells her tales from memory, pulling the audience into her private world of frogs, aardvarks, lizards, cats, children, and adults adventures in life as she weaves journeys of the imagination. Her stories are designed for use in the classroom, library, or the senior community. Joan has shared many of her tales in schools, Barnes and Noble and local bookstores, day-care centers, senior communities, poetry venues, and with the disabled. All have had a consistently positive response. Her hope is to share her works to a larger audience and leave her grannyspearls behind and add a little joy of a life worth living for one and all.

  • Education
    • Ph.D. Psychology