Grant Tregellas

Johannesburg, South Afica

Grant is an extraordinary musician and his interpretation of a very wide variety of genre’s has earned him an excellent reputation amongst top South African headline Musicians for whom he is a much sought after session and live musician.
Some of the Acts that Grant has done recordings with;
Mailaka Lira
Leon Shaw Proverb
Some of the bands that Grant has performed with:
Garth Taylor Band – for 18 months and toured Thailand with him and performed on various television shows.
Leon Shaw – performed the KKK Festival and many Club gigs with him nationally
Lira – toured extensively internationally with Lira and recorded 3 albums/DVD’s
Having started as a “one man band” playing pubs in his native Cape Town for 5 years, he started getting seriously involved with the music scene at the age of 25. Grant moved to Johannesburg in 1999 and spent until 2001 playing a residency at Sun City as part of a duo. He then began doing solo shows at venues throughout Pretoria and Johannesburg for another 3 years, culminating in a 2 month solo stint at Indigo Bay in Mozambique.
Grant’s first album, released in 2012 titled “That’s What I Thought” was a resounding success and he is in the process of releasing his second solo album, titled *”Music People Like Vol1” These albums are available at Grant’s live performances, which you can keep track of through his website www.grant­
Grant has performed residencies for; Montecasino
Silverstar Casino
Emerald Casino
And too many Corporate and private events to mention !
He has performed at every South African National Festival including the Cape Town International Jazz Festival – twice ...
He has performed internationally in the following Countries; Namibia
US Virgin Islands Thailand
Currently, Grant is spending his time in studio, working with a wide range of musicians producing and doing session work for them, when he is not in studio, you are sure to find him performing live and of course he continues to work with his loyal Corporate Clients and residencies who trust him implicitly.

The music that you can expect from Grant solo, is mostly acoustic based, either unplugged with Nylon and steel stringed guitars, vocals and often with backing tracks – reading audiences well allows Grant to change genre’s and