Grant Hilton

How does one begin to reveal everything about themselves and what they have accomplished on in life thus far? I personally do not believe in autobiographies because you could think the world of yourself, but it is how others perceive you that truly matters. This being said, it is also important to understand that it is impossible to please everyone (including myself), because when people try to do so, they will indefinitely lose themselves along the way. Because we live within our own heads each and every day, if we were to describe ourselves without the help of our peers, many important aspects would be surely overlooked. Of course I have my own personal opinions about myself, but how are my opinions any greater than those of the people around me? Some may say I am humorous, others may say I am smart, and some might even say that I am an awful person; but how can we rank these attributes? Is any one attribute greater than the another? It is not only a matter of our actions, but also a matter of timing in life in which of our paths meet, that create our views towards others. Our current trials and tribulations help to shape our perspectives of those around us. It is all about one’s personal perspective. What will your perspective of me be?