Grant Agatston

As a current senior at Austin, Texas-based Westlake High School, Grant Agatston manages a busy schedule of academic coursework and extracurricular activity, striving for excellence in each of his pursuits. With an eye on the future, Agatston looks forward to attending college this year, where he plans to study economics, business, and law. Though slated to graduate from Westlake this spring, Grant Agatston leaves behind a solid record of academic and extracurricular achievement, with notable contributions to the school’s robotics and tennis programs. Part of Westlake Robotics since 2009, Agatston helped his team reach the quarterfinals of the Lone Star Regional Robotics tournament as a builder and outreach coordinator in his first year with the program. The following year, Grant Agatston assumed additional responsibilities as a builder and driver of the team’s robot, helping Westlake take fourth place at the Texas Best Robotics state championship and semifinalist honors at the Best Robotic World Championships. With a 10-year history of playing competitive tennis, he also contributed to Westlake High School’s District Team Championship win during his junior year, earning individual recognition as a member of the All-Academic District Spring and Fall teams. This year, Agatston co-founded Westlake’s Politics Club, where he and fellow students meet to discuss important political issues and current events. Outside of school, Agatston has volunteered at the Capital Area Food Bank, worked as a part-time cashier at a local H-E-B grocery store, and completed the Alive at 25 educational driving course. He resides with his family in the greater Austin metropolitan area.