Grant Barger

Since Developing the digital value design platform my focus is collaborating with serious financial professionals through my online program.

Financial Pros from around the world can now access an On-Demand business development program 24/7 to design value-for-delivery and enhance their businesses when the time is right.

"It is critical for serious financial pros to be able to capture lightning in a bottle... not just to stay relevant... but to thrive in the pending landscape of service compression, commoditization and reduced margins." -I said that... and then I published it.

I am a self-proclaimed “reformed” financial consultant from my previous life as a stockbroker. I wear many hats as an administrator, program facilitator, author, digital media creator and director, relationship manager, project developer, value designer and all-around nice guy.

I believe client service should be the end game... rather than a means to an end for an industry that has repeatedly proven itself to be devoid of trust.

I believe the future of the financial services industry must be a collaborative effort between ALL parties in which trusted partnerships offer mutual benefits.

I am passionate about the current transition and modernization of my company’s existing highly rated and highly successful programs into a digital format to bring value design to the experienced, current and next generation of financial professionals.

Check out my domains... and hook up with me on LinkedIn or Twitter... I am always looking to expand the breadth of my wisdom by collaborating with good people.