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ALOHA! I am a multi-passionate superfessional teacher and strategist of best practices with social business and online video for professional organizations and patrons everywhere. My professional background is a content strategist working mostly in the online marketing space since 1996. My areas of expertise include online video, content marketing and strategy, SEO, analytics and ROI, social media, website usability, e-commerce, and business ethics.

I'm the host and producer of the podcast show, "Super Socialize Me!" that features interviews with social stylists who share communications tips for social networking for a successful, happy, per-fessional life.

I've worked professionally for over 20 years in new and traditional media. My work history includes being a former talk-show radio host in Hawaii, a newspaper cartoonist and graphic designer, and a documentary film producer on First Amendment issues in academia. I've facilitated video interviews and panel discussions with major vendors, analysts, and thought leaders across technology, marketing, academia, and government. My long-term career and personal goals include teaching and training everyone on civics with social technologies.


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    • University of Hawaii
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