Grant Eldridge

I've been flying planes for 15 years and the joy never ages. My love of aviation, starting in youth, developed with years of service as an Air Force Cadet and preceded progression to an Air Force Cadet Instructor.

A natural affiliation with others led to leadership roles in sales and management from the early age of 18.

My career has spanned two main industries, beginning with tiles and bathrooms, before my move into packaging. I have experienced many facets within the tile and bathroom industry including, wholesale, retail and projects. This has enabled me to become an effective communicator and experienced negotiator. The diversity has enabled interaction with many who have encouraged my experience and growth, both personally and professionally.

My recent dramatic change to the packaging industry was brought upon by the desire to experience new industries, to further challenge myself and build on my skills and experiences. I have a desire to work within and build business to increase sales and more importantly profitability.

My role with Integra Packaging has me working with our global alliance partners. Utilising world’s best practice we partner with companies to obtain a better understanding of their supply chain requirements. Working with the relevant stakeholders throughout the entire pack audit process allows us to uncover cost take out measures.

Typical areas for cost take out are:

• Asset Protection

• Ease of handling and storage

• Shipping effectiveness

• Manufacturing efficiency

• Ease of identification

• Full-fill customer needs

• Environmentally friendly

Major Account Manager for:

Sandvik Mining & Construction; Bucyrus

Komatsu; Hitachi

Department of Defence; BAE Systems

Australian Aerospace; Boeing Defence Australia

Thales; NSW Police; Customs

At times, the challenges of business equates to more time working and less time enjoying life. Now, with impending fatherhood, my aim for a better work life balance has been a great change in my daily life. I can honestly saying I look forward to this new work life mix and believe it will enable me to remain fresh and full of vitality.