Grant Everson

Student in Athens, Georgia

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Ever since I can remember, I have been so fascinated in the idea of traveling. While traveling itself isn’t a personality trait, the curiosity, intrigue, and drive to learn about the world describes who I am pretty well. My love for vacationing began when I would go to my grandparents house in Michigan every summer to spend time in their tiny town. Connecting with old relatives and meeting new ones is such a rewarding experience to me. Since then I have visited countries of all sorts, and have taken away something different from every one. Not only do I love the vacations themselves, but I also enjoy capturing the moments that occur while I am abroad with photos. The more I travel the greater my love for photography grows. I am not a professional by any means, but I enjoy teaching myself and improving everyday. Photography allows me to express myself artistically in ways I was never able to. I was never good at drawing or painting however, I am able to express myself through a lens. Vacationing, as well as capturing these journeys, is a very important part of my life to me, and I'm always looking forward to my next trip.