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Denver Cell Phone Repair


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cell phone repair, cell phone repair denver


Welcome to Denver Cell Phone Repair! Home to the most professional electronic repair technicians in Colorado.

We've been repairing electronics for, quite literally, DECADES. We have witnessed the changes and advancements in technology first hand throughout the years. We've been forced to be on our game at all times. If we aren't constantly improving our skill set, technology will leave us behind.

Some of the most common services we offer include, but aren't limited to:

Cell Phone Repair

This means we fix any cell phone. Android, iPhone, HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry.. you get the idea. We fix all types of cell phones.

Water Damage Repair

Water and electronics don't go together very well.. that's where we come in. Be it your laptop, your phone, your camera, your iPod, your iPad, it doesn't matter - we'll do everything in our power to restore the water damage.

Headphone Jack Repair

Often times the headphone port on our devices will stop working.. for a wide variety of reasons. Whatever the case, we'll hook you up with an entirely new headphone piece and install it in to your phone so it will work like new!

Charging Port Repair

Sometimes it's not always the charger that isn't working, it's the port. If you run in to this problem we will, just like the headphone repair, install a whole new port in to your phone so it will function flawlessly, like new!

Speaker Repair

We see this all the time. If your phone, laptop, or tablet speaker isn't producing sound correctly, bring it in and we'll set you up with a new speaker at an unbeatable price!

Home Button Repair

If your home button isn't responsive, or it's being glitchy, don\'t worry! iPhone users run in to this all the time. Apple will charge you an arm and a leg to do this repair for you if you aren't paying for AppleCare, so, let us do it for less than half the cost. Same service, better price, it's a win win.

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Grant Goskusky

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1701 Grove Street

Denver, CO



(720) 619-3013

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[email protected]

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5AM - 9PM everyday