Grant Hamel

I am passionate about helping people in business to achieve results practically, rapidly and sustainably. Mostly I work as a trainer (since age of 10), coach and speaker towards evoking others to be the best they can be.

I assist others to understand about the strategies that we run and how we are able to change them to be aligned towards expressing our excellence within and moving beyond our limitations.blossom, In a nutshell, I grow,glow and blossom others through leveraging technologies that work.

I live in Cape Town and work locally and across the world with people in business towards living authentically and being happy. Being clear about getting results we either face things directly or we don't work together.

My other passion is assisting LifeLine/Childline Western Cape, a 43 year old NPO, twoards reaching the community in and around Cape Town in order to help contain people in crisis, HIV affected/infected people and especially towards assisting children with have suffered from abuse.

In between all that I love spending time with my six year old, going for beach walks, mountain bike rides and even manage to get some wine tatsting in every so often. All in all I have good balance between interacting with others making a differnce in their lives, and my strong technological background from IT, with solid business, salesmanship, retail and research experience. I run a business called latitude Consulting that reaches businesses towards improving staff engagement, productivity and mostly getting results.