Grant Hatlen

In the quiet rural town of Farmcoast, New England, Grant Halten was born on November 27, 1973. His father, George Halten was a high school teacher and his mother Mary worked as a nurse. Born as a seventh child in a big family of eleven children, seven of which are boys, Grant never missed on any adventure. Every weekend, the entire family surveys the great American wildlife on camping trips around all of New England's national parks. His interest and love for mother nature were accompanied by great American literature such as Jack London's Call of the Wild and The Expedition of Lewis and Clark. Grant kept a journal with detailed accounts of his young adventure as a young boy. Grant Hatlen received a Journalism degree from the prestigious Pennsylvania State University. He became an intern for the highly acclaimed National Geographic while he also contributed several creative nonfiction articles in local newspapers of his hometown. After graduation, Grant joined the noble US Peace Corps and was able to travel around the world. He had helped build schools and hospitals in the impoverish countries of Africa, taught literacy courses in the deep forest communities of Latin America and developed farming and fishing methodologies in Southeast Asia. His stay and service in the Peace Corps left an indelible mark on his writing. Grant continued his childhood chronicling of his travels and travails in the different countries of the globe. For every country he visited he wrote a short story depicting the folk hero of that particular locality. Currently, Grant Hatlen is in the process of collecting and editing all these remarkable short stories to celebrate world and cultural diversity. He plans to publish to benefit all the people and the communities he encountered as a volunteer. Grant continues to work as a freelance writer.