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Advertising, Credit Card Processing, and Financing in London, United Kingdom

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Robert Grant is an international speaker and writer, business consultant and social media marketing expert. For some immediate actionable techniques to explode your business using social media go to: Robert Grant is happily married with 4 children. Robert is an experienced professional, with a background, personal development, business coaching and internet marketing. Robert's internet marketing campaigns have reached millions of people and he has generated massive revenue for his clients many of them world famous in the personal development and business development field. Robert is an international trainer and teaches therapists in Thought Field Therapy as well as running his own online, phone and internet therapy & coaching center. Robert is compassionate, non judgmental easy to talk to and more important than anything can produce results in your life and business. For over 10 years Robert Grant has studied the patterns and psychology of the most successful people in the world and is now a master of personal transformation, providing cutting edge tools and strategies that take people’s performance, business development, abilities, and life to the next level. Robert is a highly regarded Master Practitioner, in the psychology of Neuro Linguistic Programming, the science, psychology and mindset of results, excellence and peak performance. Robert’s NLP coaching and personal development trainings teach delegates effective communication skills, and utilizing language to have its maximum positive impact on yourself and others. Robert also has many years of extensive experience as a business consultant, as well as having had hands on experience in finance and running a multi million dollar international recruitment company. Robert’s abilities are drawn from coaching and training with the founders and developers of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the worlds leading high performance coaches like world famous Management Consultant to Fortune 100 companies and NLP Master trainer Michael Breen, Founder of NLP Richard Bandler, as well as gleaning wisdom from world class marketing and management giants. *************************************** Check out my music @ ****************************************

  • Work
    • Crowd Conversion - Transforming Your Business Through Social Currency
  • Education
    • University College School, London
    • Manchester Metropolitan University