Grant Romundt

I am second generation in the Professional Beauty Industry. My father was a hairstylist and I grew up sweeping hair off of floors after school in my fathers salons. My father started sharpening hairdressing scissors and became the go-to guy for all of the high end hairdressing salons in Ontario who wanted to have their $500-1000 professional scissors sharpened. I apprenticed with my father and learned the scissor business and eventually started building the business in new directions.

I have designed a line of 50 unique hairdressing scissors under my own brand name "ScissorBoy" and have taught at over 100 schools across the United States and Canada. I have calculated that I have walked into at least 10,000 hair salons in my life.

After years of being a professional in the beauty industry I created ScissorBoy TV, an online TV Series for Hairstylists. ScissorBoy has gone from 0 to over 500,000 hairstylists that have watched their show on since its launch in 2008. Over 145 episodes have aired featuring over 120 world renowned stylists from 5 countries. New episodes air on Monday's.

We have had the honor of having the worlds BEST hairstylists as guests on the show. Some of the 120+ industry icons that we have featured are Anthony Mascolo, Nick Arrojo, Fabio Sementilli, Anna Pacitto, Heather Wenman, Ivan Zoot, David Drew, Errol Douglas, Daniel Galvin, Tim Hartley, Sean Hanna, Richard Ashforth, Paulo Candido, Farouk Shami, Chris Foster, Mahogany Salon team, Stacey Broughton, Mark Hayes, Alan Austin Smith, Guy Kremer, John Donato, Maurice Fiorio, Wayne Grund, Neeko, Theodore Leaf, John Simpson, and Diana Schmidtke.

In March 2013, ScissorBoy is launching a revolutionary new salon technology called which is a Digital Receptionist for hairdressers. It has been under development almost since ScissorBoy launched more than 4 years ago.

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