Sileah Grant

I was once lost in a world that was forced upon me and often I wonder how would I be if only the person who claimed they wanted me in their life knew what that even met. But now I'm here where I should have always been, was and continue to be my heart's desire, I am a survivor. What about you?

As a survivor I found that Substance-Related Disorders are a disorder related to the abuse of taking a drug, the side effects of a medication, and or toxin exposure as stated in the DSM, (2000). In this discussion we will be refering to the Disorder of Alcoholism. According to NIDA millions of Americans are diagnosed with some form of alcoholism each year. Alcohol is also the cause of hundreds of thousans deaths in the Unites States each year being the direct or indirect cause, such as driving while intoxicated or some form of illness induced by alcohol. Doctors continue to ponder what exactly the cause of an individual becoming alcoholic so to better assist people who are scuffling with the mayhem of this disorder. However, what has been uncovered is that there are no single answers to the cause while studies continue concerning this disorder. Though a few factors have been developed in essence of several reasons why persons might develop the disorder of alcoholism. For example, being in an abusive relationship, lack of support, social phobia, family learned behaviors, environmental factors, mental illness, are jsut a few that are found to promote the disorder of alcoholism.