Grantt Ennis


I live in Kent in the UK and I'm currently a teacher trying to become a creative! I can write, paint, craft, act, sing... Oh and I occasionally design weddings and wedding dresses for national television! I enjoy being a geek and creating new worlds.

I've spent a lot of time trying out all sorts of different careers, and I learnt one thing from all of it; do what you love. I've been a wealthy office working drone, a stressed out philanthropist teacher, a laid back store clerk and so many other things... Now I own my own business making gaming supplies for war-games and board games. I think that creativity is the most exciting, important thing, so I try to make sure I practice all the disciplines as often as I can - I write scripts; sketch concept characters and design games; anything to add a little cash and build my skills and experiences.

I'm devoted to my wife, Kallie, and our family of dogs - a cowardly German Shepherd named Daisy and a scruffy Terrier cross named Nemo - both rescues and both completely worth it. Nothing beats sitting with my family, on the sofa, chilling out and watching movies.

Except gaming. If you war-game, odds are I'll play whatever system you do. I'm always up for a game of Infinity, so gimme a shout if you're nearby and fancy a thrashing. ;-) I paint when I can be bothered and love making terrain - it's what I do for a living, after all!

I'd be keen to develop my abilities and see where they take me; I'd like to move a little more into game design (board games and war-games) and maybe even try to finish a novel and get it published.

Until then, enjoy your days and may you live in interesting times!

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    • Writer
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    • Degree in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
    • Pgce in Religious Studies
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    • Gcse