Grant Wallace

Program Manager in Woodbury, Minnesota

Grant Wallace

Program Manager in Woodbury, Minnesota


Failure is sometimes a decision, not the outcome.

Few weapons are as deadly as a pilot wielding a poor decision.

Never confuse motion with action

There is a huge difference between your education and your intelligence.

One thing every pilot should understand clearly - "being dead is permanent".

If you ever find yourself bored in the cockpit, then you have forgotten something.

One should not dismiss the advice of a pilot who has never crashed and must not dismiss the advice of one that has.

As a pilot, you may receive admiration from your passengers, unless you are solo, and in that case, the admiration of those onboard is assured.

A pilot’s ego is his greatest enemy.

In cross country flying the most notable attribute of the pilot is his ability to keep his mind pointed in the same direction as the airplane.

The difference between an average pilot and a good pilot is not his knowledge of airmanship, but his application of it.

If you're not wearing it you're not taking it with you. (on exiting a crashed aircraft)

A perfect flying day is not the same as a perfect day of flying.

Being ignorant is inexcusable, just like being deceased is irreversible

The impact of earth and metal cannot be cushioned with hindsight

The trust in yourself as a pilot lies somewhere between the trust you have in your skills and the mistrust you harbor for the airplane you are flying.

Every pilot must be prepared to initiate hand-to-hand combat with the results of his mistakes.

  • Work
    • Momentum Aeronautics, LLC
  • Education
    • Industrial Engineering Technology - Greenvile Technical College
    • Commercial Single Engine Land & Sea Certificate
    • Instrument Rating
    • CFI - Seaplane & Tailwheel Focus
    • A & P with Inspection Authorization