Graciela Bandelaria

Hi, my name is Graciela and I'm a chocoholic. (: 'Although mirrors do not reflect personalities, mine shamelessly radiates through my eyes - so much so that even at a slight glance, my unquestionable timidity is blatant. I’m quiet, always intently observing my surroundings; carefully listening, unobtrusive, in the background. My reflection does not command attention, nor does my personality, but there is depth that is irrefutably evident in every facet of my being. The story behind who I am is a mystery to all objects of my exterior, and the sole alluring element of my persona is only by reason of the human longing to decipher the unknown; to successfully unravel each obscurity available to them. People tend to base their first impressions of me not on who I am, not even what they know to be true of me, but unfortunately, on what they hear from other people. This, to me, is a disadvantage, especially since, more often than not, the things they hear are fabricated & completely untrue. Generally, I am perceived as a snob simply because I keep my head down & do not smile at each and every person who passes me by. It’s not that I’m a snob, nor is it that I am not confident in myself, or comfortable in my own skin, but rather, I find a certain comfort in keeping to myself, and hiding what I feel until I am completely positive an individual is deserving of my trust. Music is my way of life - it is my love, my passion, my strength and my weakness. I spend hours escaping into its comforting refuge, reveling in its warmth; relishing its splendor - music is my hideaway. Anything that involves it has perpetually captivated me. I love dancing, singing, playing the piano, songwriting, arranging, listening, discovering, and most importantly, learning. Other things I’m interested in are writing, reading, watching movies, curling hair, baking, stars, photography, schoolwork (on occasion), Plants vs Zombies, acting, challenges, drawing, the colors purple and pink (although never juxtaposed), LIGHTS, ripped jeans, cut tops (tied in the front, of course), and most importantly, chocolate.' (: