Kate Smeland

Kingston, New York

I'm living clean, sober, joyous and free for three years as of 12/30/13 in Kingston, NY. I am living in my own apartment in Sunset Gardens, Kingston, NY with two rat pets named Dora and Grace. My life is full and progressing! I completed my Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Administration this past October and will be attending graduation exercises in May 2014 at my university, Saint Joseph's College of Standish Maine. I am also continuing toward my Master's degree in Healthcare Administration beginning tomorrow with two courses; Human Resources in Healthcare and Healthcare Systems in America. I recently received back-pay from Social Security and will be able to purchase a car and get my driver's license back in the next couple of months. And, when I celebrate my four years of sobriety on March 29th, 2014, I will also fulfill my four year commitment to probation for my DWI and possession charge, and thereby be released. Life is coming together for me. It is only possible because of prayer (my Higher Power whom I call Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God), cleaning house (the 12 steps), and helping others (service ~ 12th step work).

I became pregnant at 16, married between my junior and senior year in high school, delivered my first son at 17 years old Dec. 22, 1977, and graduated high school on time in 1978. We bought a house & found I was pregnant with a daughter. My husband became increasingly distant, physically, mentally and emotionally abusive, and I left him to go live with my parents in the Catskills, NY right after my daughter was born. After I left him friends told me he had been cheating on me over and over while I had been pregnant.

A year passed, and my ex had my son, I had my daughter, and I had moved back to South Jersey. After a failed suicide attempt over nobody helping me, a couple who could not have children, and who knew about my situation and my daughter, offered to adopt my daughter. After careful consideration I realized I was not a good single mother, and adopted my daughter out to this couple when she was nine months old. This was 1980, and this was the first true loss I ever suffered.

In the following nine years, I lost my sister, mother and aunt/godmother. It happened in the last four years of the 1980's. I met my 2nd ex

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    • Vineland Senior High School - South
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