Stefan Gravel


Alright folks, this is my first post...I'm a bit ashamed, yet let's start off presenting myself!
I do not like dull presentations, however for this time I'll have to make an exception: I'm Stefan Gravel, I am 24 and live in Hungary. Like the blog's name indicates, my passions are video games and also technology in general.
At the age of 16 years, I played my very first video game, and from that instant I began to adore them. Right now, this web blog is born and inside this there will be all my passions... but precisely why?

Unfortunately, not one of my friends in the real world likes PCs and videogames, therefore I need to share my passion with someone that likes videogames, and maybe will read happily my articles. Now and then, I will publish something such as helpful guides or news, so that my readers will follow me. No bullshit are enabled in this blog. I will not disappoint you, assured!

Yes, this introduction post is quite short, however I hope you will follow me! Soon, news and guides will arise...stay tuned!