John Markas

One of the biggest challenges I face in the cemetery monument business is maintaining my customers grave sites. Over time, grave markers start to sink in the ground and become overgrown with grass. So I came up with the Grave Saver. The Grave Saver is a low cost, low maintenance way to preserve and enhance your familys cemetery grave site. The Grave Saver has a patented design which prevents grave markers from sinking into the ground and being overgrown with grass. I see a lot people every Memorial Day weekend trying to carve out the grass from around their family grave markers and every year the stones sink farther and farther into the ground. I designed the Grave Saver to be installed by most anybody at a reasonable price. The main purpose of the Grave Saver is to keep your loved ones' memorials presentable year after year. Your loved ones made lasting impressions on your life, now make their memorials lasting impressions.

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