sav !!

hi!! my name is sav and I own the account @gravityfallinwbu. I know it's not a huge account, but it's really fun being able to talk to other people who have the same interests as me!! I wanted to make this about me page just incase anyone wanted to know any extra info or facts or something.


so I started my account on the night before society of the blindeye aired. I've been in the fandom before that, but that was when I actually made an account to connect with people and post blurry spams after a new episode aired. and I have to admit, I've made some pretty cool friends on there. some didn't last, but internet friendships are a little complicated... so that's okay. even though there are tons of accounts I want to be friends with, I'm sooooo shy and it's hard for me. but anyways, I shall proceed



• my favorite cartoons are gravity falls, Steven universe, star vs the forces of evil, and over the garden wall

•I love making new friends online so I can talk with new people

•I get shy around new people and I hate it

•I love to draw, and I want to get better at it

•I love acting!! I'm in the drama club at my school.

•i hate change. no matter how small it is I hate changing it or getting rid of it


so if u read all of this then wow, thanks. because I'm super boring and awkward!!

I love all of u. :^)