Gravity Floatation Centre

Floatation Therapy in Northcote, Australia

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Gravity Floatation Centre

Our mission is to inspire the evolution of health and human potential through a profound wellness experience, offered at Gravity Floatation Centre.

What started as a search for tools to optimize our own health and state of mind in a high-pressured and fast-paced world, is now changing the lives of many.

Our unique wellness experience is scientifically designed to benefit the body, mind and soul.

Floatation Therapy

Through floatation therapy, the Gravity Float is an experience of feeling incredible tension release, allowing the body to restore through the absorption of magnesium and giving the mind a chance to expand consciousness and focus.

Floating A Human Experience

Floating we call it a human experience. Our community say it's improving their lives. One visit is an experience the benefit is felt with cumulative visits. Each experience forms part of our own evolution. It's a journey. It's personal. With each session, we let go and connect with our true selves. With each visit, we develop a unique bond with one another and return to the world feeling more alive than before. We are passionate about a new era of health and human potential — and we evolve together, as a community.