Gravity Lab

Small Business Owner and Project Manager in Mumbai Central, India

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Laboratory equipment and instruments market is a very niche market which includes precision engineered equipments and customer satisfaction is at the top priority.

We started our business in 1960 by targeting a niche market of microscopes used in laboratories. Slowly we expanded our business into other instrumentation and grew our business from turnover of below one corer to 5-6 corers over the years. We achieved this by creating our own manufacturing site so that we have complete control over our quality and costing. This way we can ensure the highest quality of instruments to our customers at affordable price. We also made sure that the other instruments, glassware and chemicals that we supply are of the finest quality. We deal in companies such as REMI, HI-media, BOROSIL, ASGI, LOBA, etc.

In India we have supplied to various industries and have also exported our product to African countries, Saudi, Dubai, Australia, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. Among our clients we are recognized as a very reliable laboratory equipment supplier. Our products have high standards of quality, reliability, superiority, and accuracy. To ensure highest quality we have taken citification like ISO 9001:2008, CE, SSI.

Our manufacturing unit has the latest and most sophisticated machinery which helps us deliver high quality products for our clients. Our workers are all skilled engineers with years of experience to make the highest accuracy in instruments. We deal in instruments like hot air ovens, incubator, BOD incubators, ph meter, conductivity meter, analytical balances , water still, stability chambers, school laboratory equipments, magnetic stirrer, muffle furnaces, Human skeleton, laminar air flow, microscopes, and so on. We have another division which deals in laboratory interior designing and civil work. We prepare laboratories that are sophisticated and modern and comply with norms as required by our clients. Gravity lab also believes in continues up gradation of customers and growing demands of customers and also to keep up with competition. Gravity lab also provides customers with offer sale service to our clients through our broad network of dealers. Our technical engineers travel throughout India for troubleshooting problems and also installation of new equipment. We understand that customers continuously have lab requirements like Glassware, and chemicals on regular basis. We continuously cater to such need of our clients as we believe in large term.

All our equipment is