Phineas Graycloak

Occult Generalist in Seattle, Washington

Phineas Graycloak

Occult Generalist in Seattle, Washington

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Gloria enim Dei et revelationem Arcanis

My name is Phineas Graycloak. Join me as I study the ways of Wizardry!

I am currently enrolled at The Grey School of Wizardry, making my way through rather intensive Apprenticeship.

The spheres of magick are wide and varied - if I were forced to try and classify myself as something I believe right now I would call myself a Solomonic Root Sorcerer. This illustrates the passion I have for Ceremonial Magick (Specifically of the Solomonic tradition), Rootwork and Hoodoo, and the Dark Arts or Black Magick.

While many attempt to lump Witchcraft, and Wicca, and Paganism, and Magick all together into one big melting pot, they are not synonymous with each other, and they cannot be used interchangeably.

... I am not Pagan.

... I am not Wiccan.

... I am not a Witch.

I try to study magick from an academic perspective - many things can be deconstructed to its base magickal components and be repackaged in the trappings of other traditions; many other things cannot. I enjoy the academic pursuit of knowledge, and trying to decipher the universal truth underpinnings of various magickal acts.

The motto I have chosen for myself, ipsa scientia potestas est, translates to ”knowledge itself is power.” I don’t know if he coined the phrase, but it was Sir Francis Bacon who made it famous.

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