Jim Gray

Jim Bradford Conlin Gray is an Anglican priest, husband, step-dad, pastor, friend, retail customer-service rep, theologian, outdoorsman, wounded healer, grateful sinner, broken saint and passionate disciple of Jesus Christ. He graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a degree in Theology in 2007, married his awesome wifey Claudia in 2010 and was ordained an Anglican Priest in 2012.
Jim lives in Monrovia, CA with Claudia, his two step-sons, two totally cool huge dogs, one wonderful cat, and a furry gray thing that hisses a lot. His interests include philosophy, theology, liturgy, the outdoors, firearms, culture, people, society, food and wine, and anything that makes people think. In his spare time Jim likes to read, write, spend time with his wife and kids, and walk his enormous dogs.