Gray Press Media

Visit us at Contact us is a social media & web 2.0 blog. Helping local businesses with social media is what we like to do…help grow their social business. We’ve experimented & studied social media over the past 5 years, so that you don’t have to. We’ve even gone to Social Media University and received our certification! We stay up to date with the current web 2.0 trends, digital media, as well as the social media platforms that are available to business today!

Our team specialize in building customized client-specific social media campaigns, setting up your social media channels, social media coaching and social media management strategies.

Gray Press Media’s definition of success, is our client’s success. Our strategy is build relationships with our clients and partners, with integrity, honesty and value. We take an integrated approach to all of our marketing projects, requiring interaction and feedback from all departments to develop innovative and effective approaches. Our dynamic team, our people and their skills, are what drives the creativity at Gray Press Media.