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Gardening and planting in New South Wales 2646, Australia

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Decadent Daylilies in New South Wales Australia. It is here where we grow our daylilies and Irises and experience a Mediterranean style climate, that gives us four complete seasons spring, autumn, very hot dry summers and cold frosty winters below zero in a lovely quiet rural bush background setting. We are an online mail order nursery, growers and suppliers of quality Daylilies and Irises and Perennials at competitive prices. We post to all states of Australia. Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania. As you browse through Decadent Daylilies website you will see, we grow some of the best modern hybrids and heirloom Daylilies and Irises available for the home gardener. You can either browse our photos or buy our beautiful hardy Irises and daylilies as they become available for sale from our online shop.