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Gray Spark Recording Studio Pune, one of the modern, high-tech and up to date recording studios, the first of its kind in Pune and Second in India is the right one for your entire musical needs.

Renowned as a music recording studio in Pune we deal in complete Music Production and Post Production Facility. Our strategic location in Baner, the upmarket area of Pune coupled with easy accessibility to Mumbai on account of our closeness to Mumbai -Pune Highway makes it convenient for all our customers both in Pune as well as those in Mumbai to approach us as Mumbai is just a few hours’ drive from Pune.

Gray Spark Recording Studio Pune, the best recording studio in Pune set up in an area of 3000 sq. Ft and is equipped with all the latest software and hardware equipment. The control room of our studio comprises of the latest state of the art equipment . Even our team of engineers are highly acclaimed for their skills. With 2 studios of 700 sq. ft in operation, we can boast of a live room that can record up to 25 musicians at a time. A plan to start a 5.1 Preview theatre soon is in the offing.

Today we can proudly say that Gray Spark Recording Studio, Pune is one of the leading and largest advertising oriented in the heart of Pune. Our team consisting of skilled engineers with their years of experience make sure that we offer the best services in the field of advertising and music industry.

We at Gray Spark Audio Recording and Song Recording Studio, Pune believe that sound is a creative expression and vital to the knack and art of film making. With this creative bent of mind, we have conceived a design space that not only nurtures, promotes, instils and instigates creativity but also encourages innovations. Our Baner setup is the first baby step taken by us in creating a recording studio that offers excellence in every aspect of the products and services associated to sound all under one roof.

Services offered by Gray Spark Audio and Song Recording Studio Pune:

The services offered by us is broadly classified in to four categories, namely,



Live Recording


But we even offer services for other audio works that do not fit in the four categories mentioned above. You can approach us for any of your smallest musical needs ranging from audio mixer services ,music studio, music production and studio recording. We would be glad to offer service to you.

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