Tammy Davis

Horses are natural grazers. They eat or consume there food best when allowed to eat close to or on the ground. Most feeders can allow the horse to toss the feed out of the feeder and onto the ground. Then the horse tosses it around, steps in it, soils it and may pick up parasites and sand while eating the feed off the ground. It made me crazy spending all that money on feeders that didn't work and the cost of feed wasted! So, I designed a tub which sits on the ground and the horses cannot toss the feed OUT! They actually graze the tub! I even kept several horses in the same enclosure with enough feeders for all and watched them graze in peace without trying to get the others feed. Since they couldn't see what the other horse had they didn't try to run them away and take over that pile of feed. When they did decide to swap feeders is was usually peacfully walking away and back to a vacant feeder. AWSOME! No fighting either!!!!