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Licensed and approved by the state as an inedible kitchen grease waste and cooking oil collection company, we are the company that will keep in compliance with all commercial kitchen fats, oils, grease and solids waste hauling and handling. For nearly 3 decade of combined grease management servicing experience, we know what it takes to provide our customers with superb service quality they can depend on.

The Grease Company is a One Stop Shop For Food Servicing Establishments Searching for A Total Kitchen Solutions That Can Handle and Provide The Following Services: 1. Used Cooking Oil Collection & Recycling Service 2. Grease Trap Installation, Repair, Cleaning 3. Grease Interceptor Pumping, Baffle Repair and Installation 4. Commercial Kitchen Filter, Hood & Exhaust Cleaning 5. Drain Cleaning Hydro Jet Service 6. High Pressure Washing Grease Spill Clean Up 7. Sewer Ejector & Pit Pump Repair 8. Plumbing Repairs 9. Basin & Clarifier Pumping.

In Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino Counties it is regulated that all food servicing establishment that have commercial kitchens such as: restaurants, hotels, hospitals, casinos, etc. must have best management practices when it comes to grease waste disposal and used cooking oil recycling. It is regulated that in order to prevent any citations from the city industrial waste department businesses with commercial kitchens must hire a licensed inedible kitchen grease waste hauler in order to avoid any penalties or fines. Rest assure that when you are dealing with The Grease Company, we will keep you in compliance when it comes to our field of expertise.

Call us today to learn more about our services at 888-263-6637.


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