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San Diego County has had one of the largest increase for food servicing establishment opening up within the last few years. The numbers of restaurants and commercial kitchen have sky rocketed in which is why city officials and or the public works department are becoming more active policing restaurants that are in compliant when it comes to FOGS waste management or disposal.

Restaurants operating in the San Diego County are required to make sure that fats, oils, grease and food solids from the kitchen are being prevented from going into the sewer system by having a proper device such as a grease trap or interceptor and a receptacle for the waste fryer oil.

If you are looking for a one stop shop that can provide you with both grease trap and waste oil disposal service, you have come to the right place. Grease Management Solutions is an approved IKG hauler to make certain that you are in full compliance when it comes to grease waste removal and disposal. Our FOGS removal program consist of removing FOGS waste from the grease trap or interceptor to ensure that it is not contaminating the sewer system or causing major plumbing issues. Furthermore, for every service we provide whether its grease trap / interceptor pumping or waste cooking oil recycling, we will provide you with the necessary manifest report to present to the city inspector.

Let us help you stay in complaint and prevent any costly fines by contacting us at 888-696-9906

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