Great Expectations Academy


* Green School of the Future Promoting an Eco-vision

* Curriculum driven by a Global Economy

* Nurturing Environment with Diverse Growth Experiences

* Designed to serve youth from grades five through twelve

Great Expectations Academy (GEA) is based upon the premise that at-risk, inner-city youth will succeed if provided a nurturing environment, structured curriculum and positive growth experiences in all aspects of life.

As such, GEA has developed a holistic program devoted to quality learning and living as our students strive to meet success in all areas of their individual development.

Great Expectations Academy is designed to be a fully-accredited, privately-funded, academic boarding school that prepares its students to be productive, concerned, responsible citizens. The mandate of GEA is to “reach out and offer needy youth who are negatively influenced by their environment, an opportunity to live and not just to exist.”

  • Education
    • Grades 5-12