Great Barrier Reef

Cairns Queenlsand Australia

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef, covering over 350,000 square kilometres of the sea off the Tropical North Queensland Coast of Australia in the Coral Sea.
The Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral formation in the world, extends northward nearly to Papua New Guinea, from its southernmost outpost at Lady Elliott Island a distance of 2300 kilometres It is not a single continuous reef but a vast assemblage of reefs, shoals and islands.
The outer barrier reef approximately follows the edge of the continental shelf (100-fathom line) it varies from 32 km to 260 km off the coast of Queensland. The huge lagoon area it protects, which is generally less than 60 metres in depth, contains many inner reefs and islands, some of them high islands of continental origin. The clarity of the sea at these reefs is exceptional, making them popular destinations for dive boats from Queensland.

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