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Director in the United States

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Hello, thanks for visiting, & blessings to you in Jesus’ Name.

This is a temporary landing page for Greater Hope Ministry (GHM), representing Jesus Christ (Son of God / Savior) & conveying what our ministry plans are for 2017-18.

Co-founded by Ebenezer (Benjamine) Awuah residing in Ghana, Africa & Harry Price residing in Pennsylvania, USA, GHM is developing in 2017-18.

I (Harry) met Ben online in a Facebook group, wanting to learn more about Jesus, in Aug of 2016.

God has allowed me to pour into Ben with the love of Christ, committing to him as both a friend & mentor, sharing wisdom that God has blessed me with.

Through Ben, we’ve been able to share the gospel to his village group & God has also blessed us with ongoing help from Ghana locals, including:

Abena (Maame) Saah, who has risked & sacrificed much, to go to & from the village, to share the Word of God. She currently is focused on new work & family time, but is a continual supporter in prayer & emergencies.

Christian Baah, who is an Evangelist, called by God - Who has worked hard to preach the gospel. He is our newest help & we are exploring his continual involvement, between family, street preaching & GHM.

Over time, the village group has grown from a few people, to over 400 and up. We’ve had some help with Bibles & basic expenses, but require continual financial aid & prayers.

We already have a worship permit, to legally gather large groups on Ben’s land & we first registered for our ministry in late Oct of 2017.

In Dec of 2017, we discovered we needed to change the original name of Body Of Christ Fellowship to something else, after I (Harry) requested legal partnership, to better guide both the doctrine & mission direction, more proactively.

Thus, Greater Hope Ministry (GHM) has become the new name for our partnership, in teaching Ben’s village (home to around 500 people) the truth of Jesus Christ, how to obey Him & plans for village relief aid.

The website is due soon (God willing) & we’re discussing proper doctrine to develop a standard in the year to come, for GHM’s statement of beliefs & village outreach efforts.

Right now, we need some urgent help, with the following debts: $230 + fees due within Jan of 2018, from a loan, from our building sketch (completed).

We’re also preparing to raise funds for our ministry building, to construct within 2018, as God allows.

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