Greater San Marcos Partnership

The Greater San Marcos Partnership is a 501(c)6 nonprofit regional partnership of public and private investors focused on directing future growth and positioning the region for a wider diversity of quality jobs with higher wages. The organization is charged with implementation of a 5-year comprehensive economic development strategic plan (CEDS) developed by Market Street Services, an Atlanta-based community-economic development firm. The organization has recently completed a fund-raising campaign to raise $800,000 annually, or $4 million total for the 5-year implementation plan.

The mission of the Greater San Marcos Partnership is to enhance and support job creation. The Partnership also aims to recruit, retain and support the expansion of companies and industries in the San Marcos, Texas area.

The purposes of the corporation include:

Facilitating education and workforce development

Stimulating economic development, diversification, and expansion to create a larger tax base

Cultivating a quality of life to benefit all residents and visitors

Enabling a wide range of employment opportunities and/or reducing unemployment