Jimmy Jeruelle Greene

Cleveland, Ohio

Jimmy Jeruelle (James J Greene Sr), along with others are helping to create the “Kaje Enterprise” API online service company. Our goal can be met today, as our merging media network team grows.

JERUELLE PRODUCTIONS LTD and Plum City Entertainment have created the platform that hosts at least three servers, built right here in the United States, and has promoted and pushed several marketing campaigns with the slogan…” Where Music & Money Matters.”

Music and money are the two elements with time and space that have enticed man from the beginning. Every day is a new beginning and that is what matters.

With Joel Helfer (who brings excellent ideas to this merging construction organization), Jeruelle has invested his time, money, vision, and ideas in three places; Cleveland Ohio, San Francisco California, and Goa India…ultimately making Cleveland the new starting point.

We are now expanding in the U.S. Africa Business Forum and 54 new countries on the continent.

We all believe that the way you make things happen is you have to work hard and stay motivated! But most of all have faith and give all glory to God.

Things change when you first change your mind. What matters today is “what can we do to make a positive change?” Maybe something that involves music or something that may involve money…That is what matters!!

  • Work
    • Plum City Entertainment
  • Education
    • John Marshall
    • Cuyahoga Community College