Greg Boudonck

Puerto Rico

Greg is an author/freelance writer who has a array of life experiences. As you delve throughout the world-wide web, you have probably read works ghostwritten by Greg.

He regularly writes for as Froggy213.

You can hire Greg to write content, ebooks, or any other form of writing you need and desire here.

Greg and his wife Maggie have also decided to offer their services on teaching people how to self publish their own book. Maggie is a bilingual woman who has mastered both Spanish and English as a 2nd language. Visit their website.

Greg and Maggie worked as a team in writing and publishing several bilingual books on pueblos of Puerto Rico. They include:

San Juan

Rio Grande


Trujillo Alto

and Carolina

Greg also has authored many other books. You can find all of them by visiting here. You will find fiction, history, self-help, and more.

Greg has had many experiences, and has worked in a array of jobs. He has lived in the Midwest United States, the Westcoast and the Rocky Mountains. He lived for a short time in Japan and now res

  • Work
    • Writer and Author
  • Education
    • Some college and over 50 years of life.