Greg Nance

I love to build things, tell stories, support friends, and revel in nature.

I have pursued my passion for improving education by co-founding and directing four organizations in the space. I'm the co-founder and CEO of ChaseFuture, the world's fastest growing admissions consulting platform. In just one year we've built an organization with 92 Admissions Experts and have helped over 50,000 students apply to university. I also co-founded and serve as Chairman of Moneythink, a financial education NGO with 600 active volunteers and operations in 10 U.S. states.

My work has been recognized by the Obama Administration, NASDAQ, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, and numerous others.

I also have experience in U.S. strategic/defense forecasting and analysis with a focus on American alliance building in East Asia. I've been selected for 10 sponsored international delegations and have been a keynote speaker in 7 countries. My writing has been featured in the Seattle Times and the Diplomatic Courier named me one of the "Top 99 Foreign Policy Leaders Under 33."

I'm a 2010 Harry S Truman Scholar from the University of Chicago where I studied international relations and served as Student Government President. I kicked off my career at Merrill Lynch and Chicago Public Schools, and am also an alumnus of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School where I was a 2011 Gates Scholar. I fought welterweight for the storied Cambridge University Amateur Boxing Club and am a follower of Jesus.

When I'm not in the office or traveling on business, you're likely to find me running Washington's evergreen forest trails, swimming the Puget Sound, or climbing the snow-capped Cascade Mountains.