Gregory Cowan PhD

Consultant and Researcher in London, United Kingdom

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To reveal and to co-create urbanism and architecture. Thought leader, Occupying Streets. Urban Fieldwork.

Guide, educator, researcher and urbanist-architect. Specialism: street design in station areas, noir urbanism and night time tourism. PhD research on Occupying Streets, King's Cross and Bahnhofsviertel Frankfurt.

Independent assessor, RIBA Continuing Professional Development Providers' Network. Integrating good communication and international development principles in my work.

Lecturer, architecture, tourism and urbanism, communication and planning - University of Westminster and University of Wales TSD London Campus.

Specialism: urban station hubs at night. Developing: 'Occupying Streets: Bare Streets, Carnival Arts and Street Design'.

Recent tours:
Danish Concrete Barons in London: taxis along the embankment to St Pauls. From the whispering gallery to the Turbine Hall, via the Millennium Footbridge. Ferry to Soho Square.

Guitarist's walk: Southwark Cathedral Sunday mass to Crossbones Cemetery, Shakespeare's Globe. Crossing the Thames on foot, Tate, Boudicea, Romans and the Tower of London.

German-language architecture tour: Tate to Tate - Pimlico to Bankside by ferry, new office developments in Shoreditch and Spitalfields.

Überbau (Vienna), Study tour: Stadtviertelerneuerung; City, Canary Wharf und King's Cross.

'Barging around Britain' (ITV 2016) guide to bargee life on London's Regent's Canal, driving John Sargent.

'Haus / Boot' vortrag, Uni Graz. Lecture and course on precarious architecture and urbanism, Graz University of Technology with Haus der Architektur. Graz students continued in London, studying social housing and waterway living in inner London King's Cross.

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