Gregory Peebles

Associate Care Manager in Chicago, Illinois

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TL; DR - former choral ๐ŸŽผ boyband ๐ŸŽบmember turned contemplative "cat mom" ๐Ÿพ


The most important aspect of my biography โ€” as the world considers it โ€” is my having been top soprano and assistant music director of the San Francisco-based classical vocal ensemble Chanticleer. It took me all over the world the six seasons I performed with the ensemble, and I sang concerts in high school gymnasia and world-famous concert halls alike.

On tour during the summer of 2011, I had a numinous experience that lasted a few days. When it lifted, I found my perception radically altered. Consequently, I changed the trajectory of my life.

It took me a few years to incorporate that experience, but when I had, I decided to end my professional performing career. In 2014, I changed my professional focus to caregiving and trained in elder care.

Christianity having been the dominant religion of my upbringing, I explored monasticism within the context of the Episcopal Church. After completing a two-year novitiate commitment, I made simple vows with the Community of the Mother of Jesus (CMJ) and received the name "Uriel," which I continue to treasure. CMJ is a group to which I will remain ever grateful; however, I determined that Christianity is ultimately not my spiritual home. (I currently don't know where that is, or if it even exists.)

Meanwhile, I keep my vows of justice, humility, tenderness, and contemplation in a secular context as a profession care manager (CSA, CDP), coordinating service for older adults and others with disabilities. In so doing, I resist capitalism's oppression and commodification of the body, and its rejection of what it determines to be undesirable bodies. I also resist capitalism through participation in protest and other civil disobedience.

I share my home with Meowgustine, my rescue kitty, who has kept me company during quarantine.

  • Work
    • Creative Care Management
  • Education
    • Calhoun Community College
    • University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) - BA, MCL
    • Chicago College of Performing Arts - MM, SCL