Gregory S. Phipps

Mental Health Counselor / Educator in Greensboro, North Carolina

I'm a former photographer, designer, and creative director. Currently, I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate in NC, Assessment and Technology Coordinator for the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness at NC A&T State University, and Doctoral Candidate in Rehabilitation Counseling & Rehabilitation Counselor Education.

Some of my passions are: helping people learn to communicate more effectively, envisioning wild and imaginative stories, and dreaming up grand ideas. I've been told I'm a "true renaissance man," mostly because I love to do new and exciting things. I also enjoy change!

I believe people should be honest. I flourish when I'm encouraged, and take joy in helping others work through difficult life circumstances. I believe technology can benefit the world, but that we should unplug often. I strive to live more simply, which is why I'm also a minimalist. I believe in the power of one life, but I think most everything is done better in community.

Areas I'm focused on are: counseling education, racial identity development, behavioral addictions (ie - technology, eating disorders, and video games), institutional assessment, creativity, technology, and intercultural communication.

Likes: music, art, reading, video games, adventuring with my sons, and meeting new people

Dislikes: close-mindedness, mayonnaise (bleh!), bananas (blurg), and lying

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