Greg Pierson

Retired CEO Fraud Management in Wilsonville, Oregon

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Greg Pierson's foundational years were in North Portland, where he spent cherished moments with his parents and younger sibling. By age eight, the Piersons moved to Northeast Portland, a humble abode that would be their sanctuary for over four decades. This nurturing environment cultivated values of grit and perseverance. With a father managing facilities and a mother dedicated to teaching young English, he developed a genuine passion for language and an insatiable curiosity for learning.

The story of his personal life mirrors that of a classic love tale. He and his high school beloved have together navigated 35 years of marriage, during which they've raised a daughter, who's now soaring in academia, and a son, making his mark in high school. His professional feats, by his admission, owe a lot to the unwavering support of his life partner.

Pierson's initiation into the corporate world was with Accenture as a consultant. Here, he exhibited a remarkable knack for resolving intricate business challenges. His pivotal roles at renowned brands like Nordstrom and Bridgestone Firestone bear testimony to his prowess. His leadership led to the seamless integration of expansive business systems, marking significant change processes.

  • Education
    • B.S. at Oregon State University