Greg Stanley

Dublin, Ireland.

I'm currently one of the voices that you will hear if you contact the Digital Support line in Edco. At it's most basic, I offer technical support, answer queries and ensure that customer contact with us is as pleasant as possible. In the background, I digitise our print publications, manage the database for Edco Learning which is a digital learning platform, and perform various other digital tasks as required.

My work experience shows a considerable amount of client and customer interaction and I am very proud of the friendly and honest way that I approach these conversations. The face-to-face element of my work is one that I truly enjoy, and I am very comfortable presenting to a crowd.

I always try to keep up to date with the constant developments in Technology, with Educational Technology being of particular interest at the moment. But in my spare time I like to run, I play golf and I enjoy travelling.

  • Work
    • The Educational Company of Ireland
  • Education
    • University College