Greg Verdino

I am the author of microMARKETING: Get Big Results by Thinking and Acting Small (McGraw-Hill, August 2010) and EVP Strategy at Dachis Group.

Prior to joining Dachis Group, I led the strategy team at the social media agency Powered (acquired by Dachis Group in early 2011) and served as Chief Strategy Officer at conversational marketing consultancy crayon (acquired by Powered in 2010). I have more than 20 years of marketing and emerging media experience, having worked in senior roles at Digitas, (now KIT Digital), Akamai Technologies, Blau Marketing Technologies, among other companies in traditional advertising, digital marketing and interactive media.

I am a frequent keynote speaker at conferences in the United States and Latin America, and have been interviewed by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Cablevision News12, CNN, Fox News Channel, Long Island Newsday, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and a variety of other major media outlets.