Greta Wagle

Glenmont, New York

An independent researcher and administrator with a broad range of personal and professional interests, Greta Wagle has served as Project Director and Vice- President of the non-profit Onrust Project of Schenectady since 2006. The organization was instrumental in recreating the Onrust, the first yacht ever constructed on American shores. Greta Wagle coordinated with the project members and volunteers, and their combined efforts resulted in a high degree of historical fidelity in the reproduction of the vessel's interior and exterior.

Dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, Greta Wagle began laying the groundwork for her career at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, where she earned a Master of Arts in Dutch and English Linguistics and Literature. While there, she worked as a language lab assistant for the institution's Faculty of Germanic Philology. Following this, she earned a Diploma for Higher Secondary School Aggregation then undertook Advanced French Studies at the same institution. During this period, Greta Wagle worked as a language arts teacher in Dutch and English for the Instituut H. Graf and the Ursula Instituut, both high schools in Belgium. She then traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, where she taught French at the Lincoln School for two years.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Greta Wagle is involved in a variety of
philanthropic and civic-minded endeavors including environmental conservation. She helps to support numerous organizations, including NY Capital Region's environmental advocacy groups, the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and Doctors Without Borders. Furthermore, Greta Wagle contributes to a range of national health organizations that are devoted to eliminating disease and supporting patients and their families.