Michele Truhlik

Austin, TX

Just a simple girl, hailing from the mighty Niagara Falls (NY) who found her way to quasi Nirvana (Austin TX) by way of Washington DC. I say 'quasi' nirvana because anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate the Texas summers. Some folks would question my calling Austin "Nirvana" because I'm either bitching because it's too hot or I'm bitching that it never gets cold enough here! But really, that's about the only thing I don't like about Austin.

My passion is all things dog and the loves of my life are my amazingly goofy greyhounds Picasso & Luca...and all those who came before them (Maggie, Bella, Dodge, Harry, Takala, Finnegan & foster girl Hannah). Also gracing our lives are all the precious guest dogs who come to stay at our home (otherwise known as The Grey Zone, my dogsitting business). There is amazing energy in my house, although energy isn't exactly the word I'd use. You wouldn't either, if you saw all the lazy greyhounds lounging around on the couches and the dog beds. But let me be clear: there is plenty of excitement here!

My love of animals and my experiences with loving and losing them led me to my recent quest of Animal Chaplaincy. I'm enrolled in Emerson Institute's Passmore Animal Chaplain Program and if all goes according to plan, I will be a fully credentialed and ordained Animal Chaplain in 2015. Until then, I have begun my own version of Animal Ministry, focusing mainly on pet loss grief counseling and associated services.

My latest business is Accent Gem Designs. I sell natural and semi-precious gemstone, crystal & sterling silver jewelry. I also make beaded gemstone jewelry. Being surrounded by the incredible metaphysical and healing properties of the gemstones, not to mention their beauty, is what keeps me enchanted and excited about the business.

In my former life, I was in advertising sales, marketing and media planning & buying, I owned an advertising agency (Media Without Agony) and a bar...at the same time! That was a long time ago.

I still am --and always will be-- a Bills fan. Even though I doubt they'll ever go back to that of their glory days in the early 90s, I still cheer them on, year after year.

Oh yeah, and I'm a writer too...

Be sure to visit my blog, Angels Bark.

  • Work
    • Self-employed
  • Education
    • BSBA (Youngstown State Univ) and AA (Niagara County Community College)