Grizzly Sales Force

Sales Consultant in Memphis, Tennessee

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Welcome to Grizzly Sales Force, a dynamic consulting firm revolutionizing the sales game in Memphis, TN. Contracted by one of the nation's largest cable/satellite providers, Grizzly Sales Force's niche is in becoming the face behind our client's name. Our commitment to being fierce and focused, much like the Grizzly bear, makes our sales expertise unmatched in the Memphis area.

Our About.Me page was built for 2 major reasons; 1) to supply information to potential clients and 2) to give insight to future employees. Whichever you may be, we applaud you for doing your homework! If you're thinking about utilizing our sales consulting services, the choice is a no-brainer really! if you're considering joining our team - well, yeah, that's a no-brainer too! And so we welcome you to our energetic, competitive, dedicated and entrepreneurial rooted company!

Meet Mike Figueroa, creator and CEO of Grizzly Sales Force. Brooklyn native, Knicks, Giants and Yankees fan, and one of the most honest and transparent guys you'll ever met. With a mission to build a small business based upon values of integrity, accountability and positive reinforcement, Mike is leading our firm with the utmost character and poise!

Wondering what it's like inside the walls of Grizzly Sales Force?! Think inclusive; a home away from home. Think of 20 of the most spirited, friendly and ambitious professionals you've ever met, all under one roof! Steve Jobs said the only way to do great work was to love what you do, and we bring meaning to that phrase! A healthy mix of former athletes, collegians and sales professionals means that our team's wealth of knowledge and soft skills are unparalleled.

A fun fact about our office is that we are all competitive (in a healthy way, haha), often spending nights shooting hoops, playing a pick up game of football or Family Feud! We believe that people perform better when they're engaged and challenged, so whether it's an individual, team or personal competition, we're always raising the bar for team unity.

All in all, with our winning attitudes and the potential of our crew, Grizzly Sales Force is Memphis's next big thing! With expansion plans for our client set in an additional 3 markets in 2019, you WANT to be a part of this flourishing firm!