Ghulam Rasool

Photographer, Filmmaker, and Project Manager in London, United Kingdom

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“A journey of transformation of soulful experiences into reality”

What is life…what is the meaning of all the life forms around…since early years in my life these questions have been haunting me and I have been exploring to know and find the answers of my observations...The life has always been flowing like silent water but the songs of the birds, moving clouds, the sun, the moon, stars and galaxies, all these magical and immensely powerful rhythmic forces were inviting my soul to converse, explore and learn from them.

There came the point in life where I had to choose between the life of my passion and the life of a so called successful accountant, I picked up my passion and opted to be a Nature Photographer. I am an observer and for me photography is not just taking pictures but a way to express my feelings and emotions. I remember it was 1998, when I decided to start doing wildlife photography in Pakistan and there was no other photographer interested in wildlife. Rather the common concept of the general people was, that the country has no such wildlife and only it has sparrows, parrots, crows, pigeons and mynas….etc

Exploring Nature has been my favourite job and this passion has led me to travel in the far off places, gather observations and learn the realities of life. It took me 12 years to change this perception and see my work being published and understood.

I am all for the nature conservation as I am also the part of this ecosystem and whatever I do affects this ecosystem. Our very own survival is based on the integrity of all ecosystems.

Let us preserve the signs of nature as only through the interpretation of these signs, man will find the self-realization and save this phenomenon called as life…both physical and spiritual.

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