Sherrie Young

Hair Stylist, Teacher, and Small Business Owner in Greensboro, North Carolina

Life is a jungle and this ripe little banana is just waiting to be peeled! I’m a 21 year old business owner, that currently resides in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I love change and all things 'new' so who knows where I will be tomorrow. I consider myself to be an industrious individual, with a fantastic personality and a great smile! My dreams and passions are exponential, my talent is serious, and my ambition to become influential in my industry is major. I foresee exciting changes and opportunity in my near future.

My life focus is to 'Have Fun'. I stay happy by surrounding myself with positive people, exciting adventures, lots of love, and as many good times and laughs as possible. A few things that I love... GOD, creating something, dancing, singing out of tune, cooking, traveling, smiling, and laughing all with the people I love!

Nominated as “Top Line” of hair care specialist that owns and and operates an all natural hair care salon called GROUNDROOTS. Clients of GroundRoots can choose from holistic or natural services that strengthen and restore damaged hair, detoxing chemicals away, aromatherapy washes, herbal infusions of vitamins for hair, or change a look with a stylish new cut. In addition, GroundRoots offers usage of pure raw ingredients, blended herbs, oils, and a vitamin that leaves your hair and scalp feeling nourished refreshed, as well as flexible appointments for special events and moments. Additionally, GroundRoots offers fine feather extensions, the latest trend in hair styling, allowing each customer’s uniqueness to shine.

How I can help assist you with your dreams


Close your eyes....... What do you see for your picture perfect special day?


Make your dreams become realities........ Because if you don’t who will


Hair nails, make up, personalized diets and exercise plans: look exactly the way you want too


You can not stop time, but you can make a moment last forever

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